Looking for love AFTER marriage

I received this issue via email.

I am a mom of 2 kids and I don’t love my husband he basically does everything for my children and I when it comes to there school fees home upkeep just everything we might need as a family he provides he is a perfect gentle man.
I know people might wonder how come am just saying this now after two kids well I have been trying as much as i can to change my feelings for him but I can’t it’s not working I need help he loves me so much and tries to share everything he has with me but I don’t see him as my husband.

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For lovers who have experience such before and have some questions to ask me about our relationship before we got married, let me tell you it was superb. He is a lover guy and I had always looked forward to being his wife but the moment we got married, I couldn’t stand him. I can’t place my hands on what changed about him, all i know is I am just an unhappy wife.

Found this video about unrequited love interesting. Why don’t we all watch and see the effects of love in our lives
I read this book written by Hannah Hickok. It talks about what you can do to fall back in love with your husband. So i will advice you to look into this as it will assist you.


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